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In 1996, The Association of Construction and Informal Workers (ACIW) was originally organized for the workers in the construction sector.  In 2006 national congress, it welcome informal in its membership as they are in the same living and working condition:


  1. Low/underpaid irregular employment
  2. Most are informal settlers
  3. Risk and hazardous working condition 
  4. Lack of social protection
  5. Limited access to capital
  6. Poor quality of life, majority are living below poverty level
  7. Lack of skills and opportunity for self-development 


But ACIW cannot do this alone. Part of our campaign is to increase the level of awareness and commitment of the Government, The private sector and civil society, non-government, the private sector and civil society, non-government organizations, and other peoples’ organization, for them to assist or support ACIW in its pursuit to improve the living condition of informal workers


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