Majority of the members of ACIW have no social security and protection, hence prompting the Association to formulate a program designed to address these immediate needs in times of death emergencies, disabilities, and old age.



1. Who can benefit from the Program?

Only ACTIVE MEMBERS of ACIW can avail of the program.


2. Who are considered Active Members?

A. Those who paid the regular membership fee [i.e. P200.00 or P300.00], to the exclusion of the subsidiary members, and  Those are constantly and regularly paying their annual dues. 


3. What are the benefits that regular members can benefit from the Program?

A. Death Assistance - When a member who died in a natural or accidental death, his/her family shall receive an amount of Ten Thousand Pesos [P10,000.00] upon presentation of a Death Certificate.

* Special Clause: If the member died within a year after payment of his/her regular membership fee, for existing illness/es, the assistance shall be computed proportionately to the number of months he became a member of the Association.

On the other hand, upon renewal of his/her membership, he/she shall be entitled to the full amount of assistance irrespective of the cause of death.



1. Injuries obtained in the act of committing a crime, felony, or any illegal act;

2. In times of war [declared or undeclared], rebellion, revolution, insurretion, mutiny, hostile action of the armed forces, any acts of terrorism;

3. While resisting lawful arrest;

4. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, and any other form of fortuitous event enumeratedin the Civil Code;

b. Hospitalization Assistance - Any member who is actually confined in any hospital/clinic for at least one (1) day confinement, shall be entitled 
to the amount of Five Hundred Pesos [P500.00 upon presentation of proof of such confinement. 

c. Permanent Disability Assistance - Any member who is permanently disabled, upon presentation of proof to that effect, shall be entitled to 
an amount of Seven Thousand Pesos [P7,000.00]. 

d. Partial Disability Assistance - Any member who is disabled which resulted to cases excluded from the enumeration under Permanent Disability shall be deemed Partially disabled(dismemberment only) shall be entitled to the amount of Three Thousand Five Hundred Pesos [P3,500.00].

The following are deemed permanent disability:

a. Complete loss of sight of both eyes;

b. Loss of two limbs at or above the ankle or wrists;

c. Permanent complete paralysis of two limbs; and

d. Brain injury resulting to incurable imbecility or insanity.


4. How long will a member or his/her family will be able to claim all these assistance?

ACIW strongly avoids red tape within the Association, hence, all claims shall be immediately released upon presentation of minimal proofs for documentation purposes only. All claims will pass through the respective chapters where the member belongs and submit the proof/requirement to the Staff for processing. Processing time of claim is from minimum of 1 to 3 days maximum.

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