Kung ang isang miyembro ay pumanaw, ang kanyang pamilya ay makakatanggap ng ISANG PISO (P1.00) mula sa lahat ng kasaling miyembro at tsapter, Piso para sa lahat...

Any individual or organization may sponsor or adopt individuals, or out of school youths or contributing certain amounts through skills training (electrical installation and maintenance,construction painting,carpentry, masonry, plumbing)


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In 1996, the association of Construction and Informal Workers ACIW was originally organized for the workers in the construction sector. In the 2006 National Congress welcomed the informal workers in its membership as they are in the same living and working for condition...

But ACIW cannot do this alone. Part of our campaign is to increase the level of awareness and commitment of the Government, The private sector and civil society, non-government, the private sector and civil society, non-government organizations, and other peoples’ organization, for them to assist or support ACIW in its pursuit to improve the living condition of informal workers

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